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We are committed with the health and safety of our employees and the equipment we produce.

Therefore, we comply with the Spanish Health and Hygiene Regulation in respect of the safe working conditions of all of our employees.

On the other hand, regarding our equipment, we apply in all our manufacturing process stages (design, manufacturing, tests, commissioning) the current standards and regulations related to the safety and health of the user of our machines.

Health and Safety is always present in our daily activity.

Our general policy in regards to Health & Safety is based on the following principles:

Safe And Healthy Working Conditions.

Consult With Our Employees On Matters Affecting Their Health And Safety.

Maintain Safe Plant And Equipment.

Know how health and safety legislation and regulation impact on the workplace.

Health And Safety Risks From Our Activities.

Employees must be Competent To Do Their Tasks.

Prevent Accidents.

Continuous training in occupational risk prevention