Another Sky Climber Reference: BG Head Office ( Division of Shell) – New Cairo City, Egypt.

British Gas Company – BG EGYPT – is a division of Royal Dutch Shell that operates the Rosetta and West Delta Deep Marine Gas Fields (LNG Export).  The new BG Head Offices are located in New Cairo and have facades that are a mixture between stone and glass cladding.

Our customer wanted a system that could be completely hidden whenever not in use.  Sky Climber designed a solution with rotatable davit arms that can suspend a 5m Sky PI Platform – or a 1.5m Sky PI Cage in narrow sections and the inside atrium.  Davit Arms allow to park the platforms on the roof.

The Sky PI platforms are both mesh cladded to minimize the wind impact and equipped with Alpha 500 hoists, Sky Grips on the 5m Sky PI Platform and a Sky Lock on the 1.5m Sky PI Cage and wire winders to collect the steel wire ropes inside the platform to allow easy shifting and storage on the roof.

Vertical run 50m
Suspension System Rotatable High Profile Davit Arms
Type of Platform 5m Mesh Cladded Sky PI & 1.5m Mesh Cladded Sky PI Cage
Rated Load of cradle 5m: 630kg, 1.5m: 240kg
Hoisting Alpha 500 with Sky Grip/Sky Lock
Norms  EN1809

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