Another Sky Climber Reference: Novion Building – Moscow, Rusia

The new Novion Building is a business centre, integrated with a hotel and conference centre and located next to the Olympiskiy Stadium in Moscow.

There is a large atrium and Skylight in the centre of the entrance hall. Sky Climber was selected to provide an access system to clean the ceiling of the Skylight as well as the four vertical façades of the atrium.

To access the ceiling, there is a one-piece 13m long steel gantry, fully motorised with RAL painted finish. Access to the gantry is via a self-closing gate with interlock switch.

Underneath the gantry, Sky Climber added a monorail from which is suspended a Sky PI Cage that can access all the vertical façades.

There is a raised step-up balcony mounted on the gantry that allows the users easier access to the ceiling. Safe ingress/egress to the step-up is via a lateral door. The step-up can slide smoothly and be located anywhere along the whole length of the gantry.

The Sky PI Cage traverses on a monorail beneath the gantry via a motorised trolley. The gantry and trolley are fitted with all the necessary end-of-run switches and safety features to comply with Russian Federation Regulation, ECA and  EN1808.