Another Sky Climber Reference: Tate Liverpool museum, United Kingdom

Tate Liverpool museum is a converted warehouse, inaugurated in 1988 to display a collection of modem and contemporary art. It is the largest art museum in the UK I outside London.

Sky Climber was selected to replace the original window cleaning system from 1988 with a replacement BMU system that complied with current European Norms.

The challenge was to design a machine that could run on the existing runway and rail. The existing track configuration was unusual in that the front wheel ran on a runway and the rear wheels ran on a rail. This was particularly tricky in the corners, where the original turntables were replaced with bends in the track line.

The operators also needed to be able to modify the offset position of the cradle relative to the facade in flight. This was achieved by having a spreader bar that could be shifted in and out along the jib with a motorised control.

Vertical run 25m
Self-weight 3100kg
Type of Jib Fixed jib, Shiftable spreader bar
Max. reach 2m
Length cradle 2m
Cradle rated load  240kg
Hoisting Self-powered Sky PI cradle
Norms European Norm En1808


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