Another Sky Climber Reference: Viet-Nam Telecommunication Authority Head Office, Hannoi, Vietnam

The new Head Office for the Viet-Nam Telecommunication Authority (VNTA) in Hanoi, Vietnam is designed by Nikken Sekkei Architects from Tokyo, Japan. One of the main architectural features of the building is a 37m long glass Sky Light covering an 85m high atrium. The Sky Light requires cleaning from the inside as well as from the outside.

For the outside, Sky Climber developed a system of two 9m long manually operated external gantries for the maintenance of the external glass of the Sky Light.

For the inside, the customer requested us to design a solution that not only allowed them to access the internal surface of the Sky Light, but they also wanted to use the same system to clean and maintain the four 85m high vertical facades of the atrium.

Underneath the 6.2m long internal gantry, Sky Climber designed a monorail from which is suspended the Sky PI that can access all the vertical facades. Once the cleaning job is done, the Sky PI is parked on a special landing pad at the highest floor of the building.

Vertical Run 85m
Type of platform Sky Climber Gantries, Light weight Stage and 2m Sky PI
Length of gantries 2 x 9m and 1 x 6.2m
Type of hoist  Compact 400gk with Sky OL
Norms EN1808

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