Sky P.I.

Sky P.I.

Model: SKY PI

Our self-powered cradle, SKY PI model, is a Building Maintenance Unit comprising an aluminium monorail system which is fixed around the perimeter of a building or structure. 

With the help of motorized trolleys mounted on the monorail system, self-powered cradle SKY PI model can traverse throughout the monorail, accessing the desired position on the façade.

Aluminium Profile Tracks

SC-134 Monorail System is specifically designed for motorized trolleys and self-powered cradle SKY PI model. The high value aluminium alloy used for its manufacture ensures a long service life and smooth movement.

Primary finishAluminium
Painted finishesRAL
Emergency stopIncluded
Manual rescue systemIncluded
Micro securities for all movementsIncluded
Stabilization system> 40 m.


  • Wall rollers
  • Water tanks
  • Hard wired telephone
  • Safety line
  • Trolleys (manual or motorized)
  • Aluminium finished
  • Modular sections
  • Integrated step
  • Power cord basket