Model: C

The main difference between a trolley and a BMU is that trolleys do not have any hoist system inside their housing. When using a trolley on the roof of a building, a self-powered cradle (which includes a hoist system inside) is required.

Type of jibSingle jib
Max. reachTo define
Security emergenciesYes, included
Manual rescue systemYes, included
Micro securities for all movementsYes, included
Restrain systemYes, included

Optional devices

According to the project or client specifications we can provide our BMUs with following optional devices:

auxliary winch

Auxiliary hoist

For only materials lifting. Lifting capacity up to 1.000 kg.

cable reeler

Reel cable

If required, BMU could be designed and manufactured including a reel for electrical cable supply.


Water tanks

For easy working, cradle could be provided with water tanks with different storage capacities.



As an option, BMU could be equipped with a wire telephone connection between cradle and roof car.



An anemometer can be integrated in the BMU, so operators are aware they could not operate the BMU with wind speed conditions over a preset value.

approach system2

Approach system

For accessing recess areas, the BMU can be designed with an approach system. This could be either a hydraulic approach system mounted on the cradle or a telescopic one, conceived for wider recess areas.

Customized cradle

Customized craddle

Depending on project specifications, cradle can be customized as requested.

Hydraulic head

Hydraulic head

BMU could be equipped with a hydraulic head (luffing system) to better access façades and/or to hide the BMU behind a parapet when in parking position.

Special bmu design with telescopic cradle

Special mast

According to project requirements, a special mast (telescopic) can be mounted on BMU to overcame high parapets and access façades and, furthermore, to hide BMU when in parking position.

corporate (2)

Sky O.R.A. (online remote assistance)

PLC Data can be examined remotely by Sky Climber to trouble-shoot a potential electrical or control malfunction in the BMU. Time is saved by dispatching a technician to the site with the correct parts on the first visit.