Quality Policy

SKY CLIMBER is a company specialized in the design and the manufacturing of BMUs, anchoring solutions and work platforms. However, we always look for the best solution and the best prices in order to improve the satisfaction of our customers.

For this reason, we establish our Quality Management System based on:

  • The commitment to comply with the requirements of the currently implemented Quality Management System and promote its continuous improvement.
  • A properly trained staff to achieve customer satisfaction through their activity management.
  • The detection and correction of non-conformities that appear related to the commitment acquired with the final customer and the continuous improvement.
  • The notification of the above non-conformities for their further prevention.
  • SKY CLIMBER communicates and ensures that our policy is understood by all company’s personnel.

In order to achieve our Quality and constant improvement aims, SKY CLIMBER needs the motivation and the acknowledgment of the STAFF regarding the importance of meeting the Client’s/Buyer’s needs as well as the legal and regulatory requirements. The management is committed to the understanding, application and maintenance of the Quality Standards throughout the entire company.